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Sports cards at BOSCO'S!

Store locations and telephone
numbers are here.

Collectors on BOSCO'S sportscard email list learn about Pat's special double and triple Trade Night Ticket days. Shouldn't you be on that list?


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Time to shop folks!

We have lots of sports cards at both internet stores.

Hey Scouts! Want a quick fun way to get an advancement or merit badge? We'll set up a meeting so Cub Scouts can get Wolf Achievement 6 or Bear Elective 22 or Boy Scouts can start their Collecting Merit Badge. Call Pat at 274-4112.















Here's a happy Alvin G. with the photo collage signed by Jerry Rice, Steve Young and Deion Sanders. He won this for getting his football cards at BOSCO'S!














You're not still buying sports cards at the grocery store are you? Shame if you are! You get packs with better cards and better deals at your local Home Team Advantage store! Head to out Sportscard page for more info!



Now THAT'S a doorprize!

Pat at the Sports Card Summit in Las Vegas spends some quality time with the most notable card of the hobby the T206 Honus Wagner!

It fits!
Michael S. won the Magic Johnson jersey.

Come in to the Spenard BOSCO'S and buy a box to get your shot at an autographed jersey! Learn more ...



April Trade night had a 2-month winner cracking over $500 worth of packs! And Smilin' Micah won the door prize!

If YOU have this ticket, you would have won the big prize for March!
But you weren't there so the packs roll over to April's Trade Night!


Even little guys can win big at Trade Night!


Wish this were you I bet!


Panini Hockey Player of the Day winners 2014!

Jimmy Howard Auto Prize Spenard

Nick Jackson BOSCO'S Spenard NHL POD Winner

Roberto Luongo Auto Prize Dimond

Matt Smith BOSCO'S Dimond NHL POD Winner

Charles was the NFL Player of the Day big prize winner!




Matthew won a signed Magic Johnson jersey!

He bought a box of basketball cards and got an entry to win a Magic Johnson autographed jersey. And he looked for bonus boxes worth more entries.

The drawing was Saturday July 6 at 5pm!

Matthew won! Could have been you! Who's your favorite card shop? Should be BOSCO'S!


Landon won big at Septermber's Trade Night. That's $350 worth of packs!


Brian won the door prize, a Billips autograph, at September's Tade Night.

Michael S won the Michael J 'floor card'! At August's Trade Night!


Mike S wins the June trade night door prize(auto ball)


Nick S wins the July trade night door prize(auto ball)



Carlos S pulls a Gold Standard Logoman #ed to 2


Mystery customer pulls a Fleer Retro 1/1 Iverson Masterpiece

We had an overflow crowd for

Everyone was hoping they had the ticket for over $1,118 worth of packs accumulated over the past 4 months.

But only one person can win. And the winner is ...

Jeff B. had the winning ticket and got the packs!


But there was another winner, too! The door prize!




Nick and Steve were big winners at the 2012 Panini NHL Player of the Day! (Bailey is a winner, too. She got to hand out prizes.)



Trade Night Door prize!! Danny won the NBA Exhibition Black Box. That's a $150 value!



Door prizes at Trade Night make my day!



Dennis is a happy NFL POD winner!


Door prize!! JJ won the Thurman Thomas autographed picture at the December Trade Night.


Ryan and Dave won big at April '12's Trade Night!


Dave won $540 packs valued at $540 at December's Trade Night!

Joe S. won $111 worth of packs at Trade Night January 4, 2012

Robert E. won the Matt Williams (Matt the Bat) autographed bat for the door prize January 4. 2012.

Who's winning big at Trade Night?!

Here are some September winners.




You, too can win big at our "Buy a Box, Win a Box" days! Get on the sportscard email list so you don't miss out!


Join BOSCO'S email list
For Email Newsletters you can trust


The August 2011 Trade Night Pack Prize will rollover to September since the owner of the ticket pulled was not there!!!

Here's Door Prize winner Michael M. and BOSCO'S Pat Moe with the Jeter/Gehrig dual diecut set($50 value)!


Curtis S pulls a Taylor Mays 1/1 Black Auto


Danny wins big! Again!


Mark J wins the Vince Carter Autographed Tapestry (Poster Towel)


Mark S pulls a Mel Ott 1/1 cut signature He put it up on ebay with a buy it now of $2.000.


Jimmy K wins a box of Prestige during our Buy a Box & Get a Box promotion


Trevor J wins our Ripkin Collection drawing



Danny got the big prize at November's Trade Night!


Trade Night Winners always seem to leave smiling!


You can win at Trade Night, too!

Here's the happy winner from April's Trade Night drawing. You're looking at Travis Courson and over $900 worth of packs!

Kameron won the autographed Kevin Garnett shooting jersey April 25 !

Looks like even the people who didn't win had a great time at Trade Night.


BOSCO'S NOVEMBER TRADE NIGHT WAS A BLAST!!! The total for packs won was close to $700!

We had a great time and had a whole lot of people show up and enjoy trading, pizza and fun!

Here are the winners with fists full of the packs!



Time to shop folks!

We have lots of sports cards at both internet stores.

We buy used video games!
Clear out those closets! Bring those games you haven't played for years to BOSCO'S in Spenard!

The Spenard BOSCO'S has a huge selection of sports cards. In its own special room, it has a selection and pricing that matches the best sports card stores in the country.

Two years in a row, Charles has won the NBA Starting 5 grand prize. He really works and gets the pay off. This year, it's a photo signed by all of the new rookies.






We bet it made Charles' day when he won this basketball signed by 30 NBA rookies from the '06-07 year. We're glad he buys his basketball cards at BOSCO'S. It looks like he is too!






George Foster from the Big Red Machine at BOSCO'S on Spenard June 2007.



We will host a sportscard trade night about once a month.

TRADE NIGHT VALUE climbs every day! Watch our Twitter updates on the top left of this page to see where it is now.

Trade nights scheduled:
First Wednesday of every month!

Bring your extra and unwanted cards to trade with other collectors.

In conjuction with that, we are running a super promotion. We will give away a prize containing one pack of virtually every sportscard product that comes out between now and then.

To participate, all you have to do is buy sportscard packs and you ought to be doing that anyway. For every $5.00 spent on sports cards singles, packs, boxes and sets, we will give you one ticket. The more you spend, the more tickets you get. Then on trade night, we will draw ONE ticket and give you a few minutes to search through your tickets. If someone produces the matching ticket, they get all the packs accumulated. If nobody has the matching ticket, the packs will carry over to the next trade night and we will add the next month's packs to it. All tickets issued prior to the drawing will be thrown away.

Trade night drawing rules

1. Must be here to win
2. We will draw ONE ticket only.
3. We will give everyone present FIVE minutes to look through their tickets.
4. If the winning ticket is present, then we give away the incredible package to the lucky person.
5. If nobody claims the prize package, we will carry over the packs to the next trade night while adding even more packs as they come out.
6. All tickets issued prior to the drawing will be tossed out.

Exquisite NBA released 8/12/09. We found three people anxious to part with $525 to find out what is in one pack of Exquisite NBA. YOU get to find out for free with these YouTube videos!

Check out the YouTube videos to share the fun:

Box 1 Jeff
Box 2 Patrick
Box 3 Sue Derrick Rose Auto Patch #4/25 !


Another great pull got BOSCO'S in Beckett's Price Guide!






2301 Spenard Road
Dimond Center Mall
800 East Dimond Blvd.

For Orders:

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